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Birthdate:Mar 17
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Before I start.. this is a journal of a slash (M/M) fan... so please be aware of what you are wandering into.

Feel free to friend - wander round a while - and defriend if you fancy (I don't take these things personally)...

by me..[personal profile] slashfictionfan

I live for this:
I should firstly declare my undying love for baseball. Of course I love DJ, but I also am quite fond of A-Rod, more so after his 'not BFF with Jeter anymore' outpouring.. ooh love the angst aspect of that too, well I am a slash fan *g*.
I'm a big Moose fan, I just love the mental aspects of the game, and his pitching is just that, skill and thinking rather than raw power.

Anyway, I thought I'd mention my love for the boys of summer as I will mention it in my LJ the more it gets into the season and I become more obsessed.

Check my webpages - Yankee RPS for my fiction (mostly A-Rod/Jeter, but also others). Or friend me and specifically mention the baseball as I use filters to hide all the Baseball RPS from general friends. I am also found on [profile] yankeeslash drooling over all the fab fic posted there.

TV Fandom

Away from baseball, my TV fandom is mainly Stargate Atlantis, and from a creative point of view, my main areas of output is
Love is series: ( Click on pic for link)

Marriage is love.

by me..[personal profile] slashfictionfan

So, as I love SG-A, my favourite character is Rodney with his OTP Sheppard. It doesn't hurt that David Hewlett has been a favourite actor of mine for ages (as shown by the color bar above).

You can find me in [profile] cultoftherodney - where we worship the wonderfulness that is The Rodney.

I tend to be a OTP - I prefer my men to be faithful to The One (boring romantic, that's me *g*)... although, I will stray all over, and check most stuff out.... life's too short to miss out on good slash.

Thanks for reading this far *g*

For the Love Is series, I use southparkstudio.

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